[zfs-discuss] Debian packaging updates

mrjoelseph at gmail.com mrjoelseph at gmail.com
Sun Oct 13 12:51:24 EDT 2013

(I'm including both the zfsonlinux main group and the debian pkg-zfsonlinux 

I have made several updates for the debian packaging, based on the debian 
alioth project repo. The first thing that isn't clear to me is what the 
dynamic between FransUrbo's packaging and the debian pkg-zfsonlinux project 
is. I see that the updates from aron are pulled into FransUrbo's packaging 
and at this point it *appears* that the zfsonlinux upstream repo is just a 
backport rebuild, with prebuilt modules instead of dkms. It's with that 
assumption that I've made the changes against the debian pkg-zfslinux repo.

In any case, my propsed changes are on github:

One of the changes is actually for upstream (man page fix), but the rest 
are specific to the Debian packaging. The one man page change for upstream 
was flagged and caught by Debian's lintian tool:

I'd like to confirm the status of the debian pkg-zfsonlinux repo, is anyone 
active besides Aron now that his SOC is over? Is anyone willing to review 
and include the changes?


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