[zfs-discuss] rsync and primarycache=metadata

Gregor Kopka gregor at kopka.net
Fri Oct 25 14:43:47 EDT 2013

Am 25.10.2013 18:38, schrieb Iulian:
> Pe 25.10.2013 19:27, "Gregor Kopka" <gregor at kopka.net 
> <mailto:gregor at kopka.net>> a scris:
> > ZFS can overstep zfs_arc_max temporarily, but it should shrink the 
> ARC shortly thereafter back down to what you configured - if it dosn't 
> then you experience a bug.
> ...luky me! Even after 6 or 8 hours the ARC do not realese it back. 
> And I make a reboot in the morning. And on 20.00 PM I run rsync 
> scrpts(run for max 1 hour from cron)... and the free memory is very 
> low(2-300 MB)....
What version of ZFS are you running?
Older versions had more problems with ARC size overstepping, compared to 
current 0.6.2


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