[zfs-discuss] Wanted to say thank you,and give maybe something useful back

livermana at gmail.com livermana at gmail.com
Tue Oct 29 00:29:20 EDT 2013

First and foremost , I want to thank the people responsible for ZFS on 
Linux.  Your work is greatly appreciated! (as my Home ZFS server will 

I wanted to give something back, so I created a repo on github for an 
application I created while working with ZFS shares.

One problem I ran into was keeping the directories/files with the correct 
permissions without the use of ACL's.

At first I wrote a script with quite a few lines of "chmod" and "chown", 
but every time it ran, I would hear the hard drive array  *chrrrrrr*. 

Since *most* of the files were never updated this seemed a waste. So I 
created a program to do "chmod" and "chown" by first checking to see if it 
has to update permissions first before the update happens. Since everything 
(meta data) should be in ram , the disk should remain quiet.

Well after a few hours of work I tested the program and it worked as 

example usage

#!/bin/bash -x
mono //chmodsharp.exe directory:/zfs-storage/music mode:774 recursive:true 
owner:adam group:smbsamba-parents threads:8

Here is the github location of the project.


My apologies if this isn't the right place for this, but wanted to give 
something back.

(Note, I'm still quite new to Linux so hopefully there wasn't already a way 
to do this that I overlooked. )

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