[zfs-discuss] ZFS on Large SSD Arrays

Niels de Carpentier zfs at decarpentier.com
Thu Oct 31 06:44:34 EDT 2013

> On Tuesday, October 29, 2013 2:36:21 PM UTC-7, db48x wrote:
>> What do you mean by 'raid-0' when you're talking about ZFS? Do you
>> really
>> mean 24 top-level vdevs each consisting of 1 drive?
>> Regardless, write amplification is to be expected; remember that each
>> block in your vdev is a leaf in a Merkle tree, and that each change to a
>> block requires writing new versions of all of the ancestor blocks as
>> well.
>> The setup is just create a zpool with 24 backing drives, ie:
> zpool create data /dev/sd[b-y] -f

I'm missing -o shift=12 here. Did you use that when testing?


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