[zfs-discuss] Is zfs sync broken for zfs on root?

Ivan Krutskikh stein.hak at gmail.com
Sun Sep 15 23:27:07 EDT 2013


some time ago I noticed that with sync=standart you get Kernel Soft Lokups
when i/o is high. I've seen this behavior on my notebook (/home on zfs,
opensuse tumbleweed, kernel 3.10.X, zfs 0.6.2) with chromium browser and on
a number of server installations ( zfs on /, opensuse 12.3 kernel 3.7.x,
zfs 0.6.2) with varios programs from mysql to zfs processes. When I use
sync=disabled the problem goes away and system seams to be stable. Is that
a known bug and what should we do about it?

Thanks in advance!

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