[zfs-discuss] Re: question about replacing a GPT partition with a device

Andrew Reid AndrewReid at eastlink.ca
Wed Sep 18 15:25:17 EDT 2013

On Sep 18,2013, at 15:58 , riwi1967 at gmail.com wrote:

> I am not ready to give up on ZFS, but I am disappointed with the effort that ZFS does in recognizing / repairing an apparently small defect in the GPT partition table.
> I also notice that when I unplug a sata drive that the zpool status will show 'healthy status' for quite some time. Even when /var/log/messages shows clearly the drive was disconnected ZFS remains oblivious about it. Once the status is indicating the missing drive, when you plug it back in, there is no automatic recovery.

I'm a little confused, what existing files system will repair damage to a partition table. Are your expectations a little high ? 

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