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Gregor Kopka gregor at kopka.net
Thu Sep 19 06:45:16 EDT 2013

Am 18.09.2013 23:38, schrieb SanMadJack:
>     Absolutely; a bad controller or (probably more likely) a drive that is
>     starting to fail. The first thing I would do in your situation would
>     be to check the SMART status of the problematic drive, paying
>     particular attention to the reallocated sector count. If it's more
>     than a small handful and especially if it increases over time,
>     strongly consider replacing the drive ASAP and while ZFS is still able
>     to deal with the errors without problems. The instant you see an error
>     in the same spot on both drives, you have data loss, and that
>     probability goes up very fast once either drive starts seeing bad
>     sectors.
> I checked my SMART stats, they're all fine. I've got a 4 disc setup, 
> two pairs of mirrors. The secondary disks in each mirror both had 
> checksum errors, and those two disks are on the same controller. I'm 
> going to wait a few days and then scrub again, see if the same results 
> pop up. If they do, I'll try replacing the controller and see how it 
> goes from there.
> I suppose while we're discussing it, have any advice for best disk 
> distribution across SATA controllers?
Attach the members of each mirror to different controllers, so in case 
one controller dies (or corrupts data) your mirror is able to recover 
from the other drive (in case both/all mirror members are on the dying 
controller the pool would be corrupted instantly and would need restore 
from backup).


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