[zfs-discuss] Running two zpool create processes at the same time

Adam Błaszczykowski adam.blaszczykowski at gmail.com
Mon Sep 23 03:49:25 EDT 2013

I had situation where two administrators logged in on machine with zfs on 
linux and they tried to create two zpools with different name at the same 
time, but using the same disks. They used following command from two remote 

admin1# zpool create pool1 sdb sdc sdd -f
admin2# zpool create pool2 sdd sde sdf -f
cannot create 'pool2': no such pool or dataset

Second administrator get above error message. I know this situation is rare 
but it is possible. 
How to prevents from running two zfs functions that are in conflict ? Do 
you plan to implement some locking mechanism for zpool and zfs binary ?

Best Regards
Adam Błaszczykowski

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