[zfs-discuss] ZPOOL insufficient replicas

Niels de Carpentier zfs at decarpentier.com
Mon Sep 30 23:48:15 EDT 2013

> Hi Andrew,
> oh yes, you're right i missed and this explains what's going on ;-((

I think it would be a good idea to provide some basic sanity checking in
the zpool/zfs commands and warn/require the force option if the user wants
to do something "stupid"/unusual/non-standard. It wouldn't have helped in
this case since the -f was specified, but considering ZFS is getting a
bigger audience, I think this is the smart way to go.

Of course the user is still responsible for his/her own mistakes, but
preventing some common mistakes would be good (like someone trying to add
a disk to a raidz, and adding a top level vdev instead, with no way to
recover). Just a warning when changing the redundancy of a pool or
creating a pool without redundancy would help a lot I think.

Ultimately this depends on the goals of open-zfs. If zfs is to be a
specialized FS for certain use cases with experienced administrators, the
current setup is fine. If the goal is to bring ZFS to a wide audience and
a general purpose FS, common user errors needs to be detected and


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