[zfs-discuss] I allowed Ubuntu 14.04 to install some updates and now for some reason my zfs pool won't mount.

Joe Goldthwaite joe at goldthwaites.com
Thu Dec 18 11:24:30 EST 2014

Keep in mind I didn't explicitly mount the backups or media file systems.
I promise I didn't.  I'd remember because I would have had to look up the
command and figure out the syntax. I did that to mount  mediapool after I
created it. I created the file systems but never gave any additional
mounting instructions. I never created an empty backup or media directory.

This is all I did;

   1. I created the mediapool
   2. I mounted the mediapool at "/".
   3. I created the file systems; media and backups.
   4. I added zfs mount -a  to the /etc/rc.local file to make sure they
mounted correctly at boot.

Everything was working fine through multiple reboots. It wasn't until I
allowed the updates that things got weird.

In trying to figure out logically what happened, it looks to me like ZFS
created the empty media and backups directories and then was mounting the
file systems to those points.  Maybe after the updates it got confused and
started mounting them directly to /mediapool. Since that doesn't work, its
ignoring them and all I see are the empty directories that it created as
mountpoints.  When I run the comand "zfs inherit mountpoint
mediapool/backups mediapool/media", it removes the redundant mounts to
/mediapool and allows the actual file systems to show up correctly under
/mediapool even though they're not mounted.

I'm not sure if this is what is actually going on but this is what it seem
like to me.

The question is, how do I fix it. Maybe if I can explicitly tell zfs to
mount backups to /mediapool/backups and media to /mediapool/media that
would do it. It seems like zfs is doing something like that automatically
in the background so I'm not sure how to force it to stop.

I'll give that a try but only after I'm done mirroring all my data.  That's
probably going to take at least a week.

On Thu, Dec 18, 2014 at 9:08 AM, Joe Goldthwaite <joe at goldthwaites.com>
> I thin we're talking about this;
> > root at mediaserver2:/# zfs list
> > mediapool          11.0T  7.33T  11.0T  /mediapool
> > mediapool/backups   311K  7.33T   311K  /mediapool
> > mediapool/media     311K  7.33T   311K  /mediapool
> I agree this looks strange.  I think it's like this because this is the
> situation where those empty folders are showing up in /mediapool.  The data
> *is* in the ZFS pool.  The only other disk available is a 60GB ssd.  That
> won't hold the 11TB that I'm using.

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