[zfs-discuss] Replacing drive from JBOD pool

Tim Eggleston tim.lists at eggleston.ca
Tue Dec 23 10:28:48 EST 2014

> Or the equivalent shorthand "zpool replace poolname failing-disk
> new-disk".

Indeed. I've since looked into it a bit more and replicated the solution 
using file devices and it makes perfect sense. Obviously I know about 
zpool replace and resilvering in general from use on the RAIDZ2 pool, 
but it never occurred to me that it would also work on a spanned/JBOD 
(not sure what the proper term is) pool. Thank goodness for this list :)

> If you aren't already, this might be a great opportunity to at least
> partially migrate to persistent device names as well (/dev/disk/by-*
> are your friends).

Yup, I've been running using disk WWNs since the beginning.

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