[zfs-discuss] ZFS pool dramatic loss :-(

Gregor Kopka gregor at kopka.net
Mon Jan 20 15:52:03 EST 2014

(sorry, accidental sent before done typing)

A really good plan for recovery:

 1. make a copy of one of the disks (using dd) onto a new (in terms as
    'currently empty and not otherwise used') disk
    disconnect original disks
 2. make a copy of the copy on yet another new disk
    disconnect disk from 1.
 3. test obscure flags / methods for recovery on the media obtained from 2.
 4. if 3 fails: goto 2
 5. should you get your pool contents back wipe the old drives
    partitions and /attach ///them to the pool obtained from 3
    wait for resilver
    (if needed) reinstall bootloader on your original disks
    detach drive from 3.

With this you can test things /and/ fail without painting yourself into 
a corner.


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