[zfs-discuss] What other_data goes in ARC?

J David j.david.lists at gmail.com
Wed Dec 16 09:10:51 EST 2015

While researching our hang issue, something came up I did not understand.

With a system with 20G of RAM with zfs_arc_max set to 16G and
zfs_arc_meta_limit set to 15G  we saw this:

c_max                           4    17179869184
size                            4    16091640384
hdr_size                        4    798517064
data_size                       4    43436544
metadata_size                   4    12132702208
other_size                      4    3116984568
anon_size                       4    11641344

In case that’s hard to read, that’s:

- 762M of headers
- 41M of actual cached data (ouch!)
- 11.3G of metadata
- 2.9G of other_data

What is all that other_data that is stored in ARC?  (Google didn’t
really help me on this one.)

Thanks for any help!

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