[zfs-discuss] ZFS seems to be using a LOT more processes than before

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> Hi all.
> I am running ZoL on Fedora 22 with Kernel 4.2.7-200, upgraded from
> 4.2.3-200.  I also at that time upgraded Zol to  I have 5-1TB
> drives in a raid-z1.

Same situation here, with the same ZoL version running on kernel 2.6.32EL
(ie, the Redhat-patched EL6-clone kernel), and with mirror:

Nagios started alerting on too many processes.  I have 70 spl processes and
> 343 z_* processes.  Is this normal?

I think so, or if not, at least I'm in the same boat as you:

[root at jade ~]# ps auwx | grep z_ | wc -l
[root at jade ~]# ps auwx | grep spl | wc -l

I haven't noticed anything negative here (and my monitoring system has much
*larger* number-of-tasks limits configured, due to other stuff like Java,
tons of chrooted subsystems, etc).

It doesn't really seem to affect anything - for instance it doesn't seem to
> be taking much more CPU or memory, it's just seems a little odd.

I think these aren't properly processes but more like kernel
threads/"tasks", and they consume very little CPU/RAM, much less than the
"normal" userland processes  we're used to.

In your shoes, I would reconfigure Nagios to expand those limits and forget
about it (at least until I have evidence that it's causing *real* problems).


> Thanks.
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