[zfs-discuss] ZFS Receive invalid stream, checksum mismatch

Ryan How ryan at bitworks.com.au
Sun Feb 1 21:59:20 EST 2015

Does anyone else ever get corrupted zfs streams?

It seems to happen to me a lot.

I ZFS Send to a USB HDD (running ZFS). Then I ZFS Recv on another system.

Nothing fancy.

I even took my pipe to PV out of the mix coz I found it was truncating 
the recv on the odd occasion.

I don't understand how it could possibly be corrupted. I am using ZFS 
the entire way and ECC memory.

It's just really annoying (and time consuming, and unnerving, because 
until I have ZFS recv, I'm not sure that I have a valid backup)

I guess I should verify the stream after creating it (But wouldn't think 
it is necessary given that the stream itself is sitting on a ZFS 
formatted drive).

Only idea is that on zpool export on the source system, the USB HDD is 
not flushing all the buffers and so the last few writes are lost?. How 
would I know if this is the case?

Thanks, Ryan

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