[zfs-discuss] BIG fileserver?

Gordan Bobic gordan.bobic at gmail.com
Thu May 21 06:05:01 EDT 2015

That kind of a setup doesn't seem particularly unusual (I run a few systems
with a comparable number of disks, although my disks are smaller).
I find that using disks above 4TB starts to be increasingly unworkable.
Scrubbing and resilvering after a disk failure takes far too long even with
4TB disks.
I have been increasingly moving toward using 2.5" disks over the past 18
months for this particular reason (more disks of smaller capacity, but with
similar overall storage density).
Are your disk I/O workloads particularly linear? If they are not, I cannot
imagine that you will get anywhere near saturating a single 10Gb link, let
alone two.

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> We run two different SANs: Netapp with ONTAP and EUROstor with Open-E
> The Netapp system is good, but expensive, the EUROstor is cheap, but very
> restricted: it offers no snapshots, no logical volume resizing and one
> cannot change the internal mount options (default is "noatime"!).
> I am thinking of a Linux/ZFS based storage system with big cheap disks.
> At least 36 x SATA 8 TB disk drives, NO hardware RAID, but all disks
> managed by ZFS to have maximum flexibility. Connection should be 2 x 10
> GbE.
> Is someone running such a storage system? Which hardware?
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