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> /home is where most users _start_ with ZFS. :)
> Because /home isn't actually accessed until you log in, it matters least
> when in the boot process it gets mounted, as long as it's before the login
> prompt shows up (which it always does, unless you trip some mind-boggling
> racing insanity in systemd).

/home can be accessed earlier, on my ubuntu home box I've got personal
crontab entries of the form
@daily $HOME/bin/cron-daily
@reboot $HOME/bin/cron-reboot

These are run daily and on reboot.  With zfs /home I can confirm that home
is mounted early enough that these all work as expected.

(not yet willing to upgrade ubuntu from 14.10 to 15.04 as I'm not sure yet
whether the zfs installation will break, info here is inconclusive)

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