[zfs-discuss] How to grow a one-disk pool

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> From what I have read, the "partitioning when using whole disk" scenario
> has to do with 2 main reasons:
> * make sure partitions are aligned optimally (p1)
> * have space available if a BIOS bootloader needs to be installed (p9), so
> this would be your grub_bios partition for the Linux implementation

If the latter is a factor it should arguably be much bigger than 8MB. More
like 260MB+ for the UEFI FAT32 partition with 4KB hardware sectors. I make
my p9 512MB manually for this reason, so that if/when I upgrade the machine
to UEFI I can install UEFI related things there and drop my root zfs pool
disks into the new box and have it just work.
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