[zfs-discuss] Important: 0.6.5 zvol data loss regression on unaligned discard operations

Richard Yao ryao at gentoo.org
Fri Sep 18 12:29:41 EDT 2015

On Fri, Sep 18, 2015 at 08:59:40AM -0700, Cliff L. Biffle via zfs-discuss wrote:
> Use "curl -L" instead, github is sending you an HTTP redirect.

Thankyou for the correction.

The DKMS hotfix instructions were are based on my notes for patching different
distributions, they are somewhat old notes and I had not realized that link
needed -L. I learned of this issue a few hours ago and scrambled to do what I
could to handle it while Brian is out of town. The email went out about 90
minutes after I learned of the problem from Richard Connon through IRC.

I plan to send an update to -announce this evening (EST) with corrections and
the status of downstream backport progress. So far, I have heard from the Debian
and Ubuntu maintainers. Debian has the backport while Ubuntu will have it later
today.  Hopefully, I will hear from a few others between now and then.

On that topic, I have taken the liberty of notifying a few other consumers such
as Jonathan Vasquez's fork of System Rescue CD (that adds ZFS support) and
Sabayon, which does packaging independently of Gentoo. At this point, I have
reached out to everyone shipping ZoL with whom I have contact.

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