[zfs-discuss] zfs test on external USB connected Hard drive => unstable

Jérôme Lanteri jerome.archlinux at gmail.com
Sun Apr 24 00:33:38 EDT 2016

1/ Yes and i can see now that it is also not a little problem in fact,
because all my system become unstable after that... i not find an other
way than reboot again (that is really ugly and a has to be view as a
priority security problem because of that), also loose data when this
happen when file transfert (cut/paste), so definitly:
DO NOT USE ZFS for external hard drive until this problem as not been

I think a better productive comunication way for all of us would be to
note this as a problem and try to find solution(s) or ask for test... or
decide that officialy, it coudl be a decision that ZFS can not be used
for external hard drive because it is not the target of this fs format
(then comunicate on this... really it could be a choice if this problem
seems to be to difficult to resolve).

2/ an other problem for me (but this is maybe because i do something
wrong as soon as i not understand well) is to arrive to share datas with
nfs4 server from a device formated with ZFS.
I see there is an option "sharenfs" to set "on" or "off" (and read
articles around that), after that there seems to have services on
systemd open... not sure... but my nfs-server failed and i lake of
information (i would appreciate if someone use it to have a "clear how
to do" link around that).
I arrive to automount ZFS hard drive device (without need to add a line
in fstab), but i would like also that nfs4 server could automount and
share it (BACKUP devices HDD). I supposed this could be possible and i
don't know how to do it. I'm searching for a link i could understand who
teach this.

thank you very much.

Le 24/04/16 à 10:44, Fred Liu via zfs-discuss a écrit :
> it looks like reboot is a must if we want to run zfs-related commands
> tough the system is actually well. Yes, it is really annoying. 
> Thanks.
> Fred
> On Sat, Apr 23, 2016 at 7:11 PM -0700, "Jérôme Lanteri via zfs-discuss"
> <zfs-discuss at list.zfsonlinux.org
> <mailto:zfs-discuss at list.zfsonlinux.org>> wrote:
> Yes Tren, i know that the technology works... works while there is no
> problem of connection, if there is one, after that (and after connection
> has been repair), no more... i think this is the problem.
> I suggested, in fact that, in reality (i think the reality of what can
> happen in the life has not to be deny when something is madez for
> humans), when something USB cabled is connect, if there is no system for
> unmount/export automatically when this happen (because this could
> happen, and it will happen by the time, it is sure 100%), then the risk
> is to have after that commands "zfs" and "zpool" unusable. And that is a
> problem to resolve.
> So that is why i said, zfs is yet definitly not ready for external HDD
> usb connected (or in general, everything is connected and could be
> remove/unconnect suddenly).
> Now i would like to know if this reality every body could observe and
> reproduce, will be considered has a problem (and then be resolved by the
> time), or not ?
> thank you for your answer Tren.
> Le 24/04/16 à 00:27, Tren Blackburn via zfs-discuss a écrit :
>> On April 23, 2016 at 9:58:40 AM, Jérôme Lanteri (zfs-discuss at list.zfsonlinux.org(mailto:zfs-discuss at list.zfsonlinux.org)) wrote:
>>> I test zfs on external hard drive.
>>> creation worked fine
>>> read/write ok
>>> import on an other computer ok
>>> indications about this event connection ok
>>> but...
>>> sometimes, if the disk is hard unconnected (usb cable move or
>>> un-identified disconnection), then it's looks like the hard drive is
>>> connected, but:
>>> 1: from file browser (GUI), stay on the directory like nothing happen
>>> 2: zpool status freeze
>>> 3: zpool export freeze
>>> 4: zpool clear freeze
>>> etc... (all command call zpool/zfs freeze)
>>> (lsblk -f doesn't show he device at this time)
>>> after see again the device (lsblk -f), command stay blocked, and other
>>> freeze same.
>>> access on other mounted disks zfs formated stay "on".
>>> questions:
>>> 1: how to stop command freezing ?
>> Ensure your storage is stable and not being disconnected without first exporting the pool
>>> 2: do i need to conclude that ZFS is definitly not for usb connected
>>> storage devices ?
>> It is fine on USB devices, but it expects stable storage. While the pool is imported on that machine, you should take care that you don’t accidentally remove the USB cable.
>> HTH, 
>> Tren
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