[zfs-discuss] zfs test on external USB connected Hard drive => unstable

Gregor Kopka zfs-discuss at kopka.net
Mon Apr 25 14:22:06 EDT 2016

This is a known issue:

Am 23.04.2016 um 18:58 schrieb Jérôme Lanteri via zfs-discuss:
> I test zfs on external hard drive.
> creation worked fine
> read/write ok
> import on an other computer ok
> indications about this event connection ok
> but...
> sometimes, if the disk is hard unconnected (usb cable move or
> un-identified disconnection), then it's looks like the hard drive is
> connected, but:
> 1: from file browser (GUI), stay on the directory like nothing happen
> 2: zpool status freeze
> 3: zpool export <spool> freeze
> 4: zpool clear <spool> freeze
> etc... (all command call zpool/zfs freeze)
> (lsblk -f doesn't show he device at this time)
> after see again the device (lsblk -f), command stay blocked, and other
> freeze same.
> access on other mounted disks zfs formated stay "on".
> questions:
> 1: how to stop command freezing ?
> 2: do i need to conclude that ZFS is definitly not for usb connected
> storage devices ?
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