[zfs-discuss] Cannot mount (/tmp, /var): directory not empty

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Tue Aug 2 20:18:53 EDT 2016

<webman at manfbraun.de> wrote:

> Hello !
> > I have no such problems, but I use an initrd and everything is mounted
> > before systemd can make any files in /tmp or /var or anywhere else -- I
> > think this is your solution.
> Ok, but I probably do not understand, what you mean.
> Is this not the default ?? I have the following in grub.cfg:
> linux   /ROOT/matrix-1@/boot/vmlinuz-3.16.0-4-amd64
> root=ZFS=syspool/ROOT/matrix-1 ro boot=zfs $bootfs  quiet
> initrd  /ROOT/matrix-1@/boot/initrd.img-3.16.0-4-amd64
> What came to my mind, that probably several updates were done
> without any reboot, so a new initramfs was never bootet bevore,
> but the file "initrd.img.." in /boot is about ten days old.
> I was just the moment experimenting to run "update-initramfs",
> but I am failing with "update-initramfs -c -k all" (like in
> the original instruction) with:
> "Cannot create version 3.16.0-4-amd64: already exists"
> Just reading, how to use it ..
> BTW, I rembered in the dark, that I have had a similar problem
> like my new one, with the mounting on my fileserver. On that,
> I decided to set the mountpoint=legacy and made entries in
> fstab. So, this time, I wondered, that it worked - until
> the install session yesterday.
> Best regards,
> Manfred

So, I think its best to make all mount points as legacy, otherwise they
are mounted when the pool is imported and that can be much too early.  I
don't have experience with the Debian initrd and zfs, so I don't know if
its properly working, so I cannot comment on that, but making the mount
points legacy and putting them in fstab I think is best practice here.

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