[zfs-discuss] ZFS onlinux on RHEL 6.8

Edmund White ed at ewwhite.net
Tue Aug 23 14:10:35 EDT 2016

No issues at all on current CentOS/RHEL. But this is with EL6.8 and HP equipment.

And it’s dangerous trying to pin to a point release with RHEL. It’s definitely better to try to work through the issue. 

What controllers are in use with this setup?

Edmund White
ed at ewwhite.net

On 8/23/16, 1:05 PM, "zfs-discuss on behalf of Brian Roth via zfs-discuss" <zfs-discuss-bounces at list.zfsonlinux.org on behalf of zfs-discuss at list.zfsonlinux.org> wrote:

    I am wondering if anyone has experienced any trouble with zfsonlinux and 
    RHEL 6.8.  Recently we were doing some test deployments of a zfs filer 
    with Rhel 6.8 on a Lenovo 3650 M5 with 2 ibm dcs3700 jobods. I received 
    numerous segfaults with udev during boot.  The project was moved back to 
    RHEL 6.6 and works properly.  We were running v0.6.5.6 of zfs.  We would 
    still like to use 6.8 if possible in upcoming storage units, 
    unfortunately I don't have any of the traces as they were thrown out 
    with the switch back to 6.6.
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