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> Hi Dears,
> I do :
> zfs snapshot mypool/fs1 at snap1
> zfs send mypool/fs1 at snap1 > ./fullbackup
> in destination pool:
> zfs recv -F destPool <./fullbackup

zfs receive -F destpool/fs1 < /fullbackup

> for next :
> zfs snapshot mypool/fs1 at snap2
> zfs send mypool/fs1 at snap1 > ./Incrementalbackup1

RTFM. From the man page:

zfs send [-DnPpRveL] [-[iI] snapshot] snapshot

           Creates  a stream representation of the second snapshot, which
is written to standard output. The output can be redi‐
           rected to a file or to a different system (for example, using
ssh(1). By default, a full stream is generated.

           -i snapshot

               Generate an incremental stream from the first snapshot (the
incremental  source)  to  the  second  snapshot  (the
               incremental  target).   The incremental source can be
specified as the last component of the snapshot name (the @
               character and following) and it is assumed to be from the
same file system as the incremental target.

So the incantation on the source side is:
zfs send -i mypool/fs1 at snap1 mypool/fs1 at snap2 > /fullbackup

zfs receive is the same in both cases.
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