[zfs-discuss] debian-jessie on zfs root?

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> I did setup jessie with zfs root based on that docs a while back. Did the
> transition to jessie-backports zfs packages afterwards and had to patch
> grub to make it work.
> Just updated an different debian sid system with zfs root and the latest
> grub package now works without patches. I only had to add boot=zfs to the
> kernel options manually.
> So for debian jessie beside the zfs and spl packages from jessie-backports
> you need the latest grub packages from sid and the boot=zfs kernel option.
Hmmm ...

If debian still needs "boot=zfs", then IMHO their zfs-initramfs (and
probably grub?) is behind ubuntu w.r.t. zfsroot support. On ubuntu 16.04.1,
update-grub would correctly add "root=ZFS=rpool/ROOT/ubuntu" (or whatever
dataset you use for root), and zfs-initramfs is able to use it without the
need of additional kernel boot parameters.

If you feel similar level of integration is desirable on debian as well,
try contacting debian maintainers asking to add that feature. Or try
porting ubuntu's source package to debian (often you only need to rebuild

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