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> Hi all
> I setup a server on debian wheezy some 1,5Y back, and now it looks like
> there's no ZoL packages available for it anymore. What happened? Shouldn't
> stable distro versions like that be supported?

Short version:
- ubuntu ("complete" support starting xenial) and debian (starting
jessie-backports) has zfs packages. Use those if you need zfs
- they are not the latest version, but should be suitable for most users
- build "recipes" should still be available (or you can modify existing
ubuntu/debian packages), if you want to compile your own package with
latest zfs version
- ZoL's ubuntu & debian package repository was voluntary effort. IIRC both
maintainers no longer do so, since zfs is now included in the distro
(search the list archive for details)
- Since you use wheezy, your best bet is either:
--> upgrade to jessie, or
--> port jessie's packages yourself, or
--> use turbo's latest source package, and update it to latest zol version

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