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> The right and proper thing to do was to find and groom a
>> suitable replacement, show him the ropes, where everything was, the
>> procedures, get him booted up, and make sure the event would
>> continue.
It would, in an ideal world. In reality, AFAIK no one stepped up (at least,
not publicly) to completely take over the role.

> Or just leave everything in place with a little note "I'm gone, the keys
> are under the doormat."
https://github.com/zfsonlinux/pkg-zfs/tree/master/debian/wheezy should
contain enough info for anyone willing to pick it up.

Except old signing keys and access to upload the packages to s3. But if
you're creating your own repo, you can use your own.

> For the sake of ZoL and its preputation, it might be better to have a wee
> bit better control over packaging.

... which is why, I imagine, the keys and upload access remains unavailable
to the public.

> We won't get the big guys to use ZFS unless it's properly supported…
>From my experience, it's MUCH easier to convince the big guys to use zfs
once Ubuntu picks it up (and use it as recommended fs for lxd starting
trusty). So the support (for the packages) doesn't necessarily come from

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