[zfs-discuss] How unstable is git master code?

Chris Siebenmann cks at cs.toronto.edu
Wed Dec 14 11:21:32 EST 2016

> Anybody here using zfs/spl-9999 packages on Gentoo? I need to try 4.9
> for something but I can't because spl- fails the compile.

 I run git tip or very close to it on my desktop and have for some time
(although it's not Gentoo and on 4.8.x kernels). My current experience
is good; even though a major rework of kernel memory handling was
recently integrated into the development version, things seem solid.

(In general this is my experience running the latest git master.  I've
only had a few rare occasions where it had problems; almost all of the
time it's completely stable. My impression is that the ZFS developers
work fairly hard to make sure that only stable code is put into the git

	- cks

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