[zfs-discuss] How unstable is git master code?

Martin Petersen mpetersen at samspade.de
Wed Dec 14 12:35:27 EST 2016

Hi devsk,

I', also running ZFS fresh from Git. Since a couple of days with 4.9.
All with Debian Sid - Aptosid. I need to compile the modules often
because of the hasty release schedule of this distribution. I had some
trouble in the last weeks with my built environment and there are
sometimes problems in the tool chain when the kernel name changes to
something too new/outrageous or source package naming of the
distribution is of, but all these errors were merely syntactical and
fixed with in days or my own faulty configuration.

Good luck and if I might suggest search for errors in Your built
environment and look out for broken assumptions by upstream considering
Your systems.



On 14.12.2016 09:13, devsk via zfs-discuss wrote:
> Anybody here using zfs/spl-9999 packages on Gentoo? I need to try 4.9
> for something but I can't because spl- fails the compile.

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