[zfs-discuss] zfs recv of snasphot from smartos/illumos fails (stuck at 100% cpu)

Oto Petřík oto.petrik at gmail.com
Sun Dec 18 00:22:56 EST 2016


zfs recv on zfsonlinux fails when processing snapshot created on smartos.

after writing data to the disk, zfs recv is stuck consuming 99%-100% of 1
"zfs list -t all" shows that dataset was created (no snapshot), but it
disappears on reboot.

fails even with minimal dataset (one file containing with one line of text),
tested combinations:
smartos -> fedora24, ubuntu1604 (both fail)
smartos -> openindiana hipster (works)
openindiana hipster -> ubuntu1604 (fails)
ubuntu1604 -> ubuntu1604 (works)

smartos and fedora run on actual hardware,
openindiana and ubuntu are KVM VMs
all except smartos have root on zfs

haven't found any documentation about (in)compatibility between
zfs-on-linux and zfs-on-illumos,
so not really sure, if it is even supposed to work...

should "recv" work with a snapshot from smartos/illumos ? is there any
format converter, that is required ?

oto petrik
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