[zfs-discuss] Cheap arm64 development board

Scott Guthrie scottgu3 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 28 07:02:05 EST 2016

I have a Pine64 Board.  2GB version.  Bought it to play with it as an
alternative to the Pi.  I can't imagine what use it would be for ZFS.  No
SATA and no USB 3 would seem to be a deal breaker.

It does run Ubuntu fairly well though, and might be a good candidate for a
Home automation hub, or possibly a network security device.

I've also a Hummingboard from SolidRun, and it's a pretty slick piece of
hardware, so I'd be a bit more optimistic about using ZFS with one of their


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> There's a lot of choice of A53s with neither ECC nor SATA for
>> $30-$100. They might not be a good fit for ZFS, since ECC is
>> considered by many a must..
> Unfortunately, with regards to ECC the ZFS community is out of step with
> the bulk of the computer industry.   ECC is a niche market and only a few
> specialized (and expensive) motherboards provide ECC.  Likewise, ECC RAM
> itself is slightly more expensive, although it appears to be readily
> available.  Newegg has 16GB ECC ram for $110 and non-ECC for $80.
> I doubt that we will ever see run-of-the-mill home-quality computers that
> support ECC.
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