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> There's a lot of choice of A53s with neither ECC nor SATA for
>> $30-$100. They might not be a good fit for ZFS, since ECC is
>> considered by many a must..
> Unfortunately, with regards to ECC the ZFS community is out of step with
> the bulk of the computer industry.

Err, no, bulk of the computer industry is out of step with sanity:

Not to mention that although not infallible, ECC also offers an additional
layer of defence against rowhammer attacks.

> ECC is a niche market and only a few specialized (and expensive)
> motherboards provide ECC.  Likewise, ECC RAM itself is slightly more
> expensive, although it appears to be readily available.  Newegg has 16GB
> ECC ram for $110 and non-ECC for $80.
> I doubt that we will ever see run-of-the-mill home-quality computers that
> support ECC.

Yes, ECC memory will cost 25% more, there's no way around that as it
requires 10 bits of memory for every 8 bits of data.
As for motherboards, you will find that just about every AMD CPU supports
ECC, and most motherboards for AMD CPUs also support it.

Lack of ECC support is very much a desktop grade Intel thing. AMD's desktop
CPUs do support ECC, even if it isn't widely advertised.
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