[zfs-discuss] Cheap arm64 development board

ArnoB zfs at rgbaz.eu
Wed Dec 28 10:33:15 EST 2016

On 28-12-16 06:28, thekingmen via zfs-discuss wrote:
> I found an arm 64 bit development board with ample ram that does not 
> cost 300$ like all the others. The pine64 is only 29$usd.
> As I see that there are some commits for arm64 architecture in zfs 
> git, there is some development on that platform, so I though that it 
> might be a good idea to inform people here about this good deal.
> Anyone used that board? I am tempted to buy one unit and hook it up to 
> a cheap external hard disk and share that zfs pool over the network. 
> According to the specs this is usb 2.0 so the performance will be 
> reduced. Too bad there are no single drive nas/enclosure that expose 
> iscsi through an ethernet port. Cheapest that I found was wd mycloud, 
> but they only offer samba access.
> https://www.pine64.org/?product=pine-a64-board-2gb


I've got a Pine64 currently running their Ubuntu/Debian release.
It doesn't have ZFS at the moment because of a dedicated project
but when that's over I'm going to replace it with FreeBSD including
ZFS. I have the one with 2 GB RAM and an additional WiFi board.

The Pine64 runs really well (tomcat, mariadb, nginx, etc).
It's quite a bit bigger than board like the Raspberry and Beaglebone.
For its price it's a great dev board.


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