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>> Another case I've considered is exporting a zvol over iscsi from the zfs
>> storage server to a database server. In that case, the default volblocksize
>> is 8k, but again, if I'm planning to use lz4 compression on this workload,
>> is it better to set a larger default volblocksize?
> The above holds. Set it to the DB's page size for optimal results.

There might be a possible mismatch on how zfs vs ext4-on-iscsi-on-zvol
allocate blocks in this case. ASCII illustration (each o/x is 4k):

zfs (16k)          : o o o o x x x x
ext4 on iscsi (4k) : o o x x x x o o

ext4 can allocate contiguous blocks as extents (16k in this example, for
innodb's case). But AFAIK there's no guarantee that this extent will start
on multiple-of-16k, causing zfs to essentially process 2 blocks for each 1
innodb page.

The best way I can think of to work around this problem is to use a
filesystem (on top of iscsi) which can handle 16k block size (for innodb).
Btrfs use 16k block size by default (perfect match for innodb), and can be
increased up to 64k (this is what I currently use on my vm-on-zvol setup
since I don't use innodb, with matching zfs volblocksize).

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