[zfs-discuss] extended attributes in zfs

UbuntuNewbie zfs-discuss at datakanja.de
Sat Dec 31 10:26:32 EST 2016

Hello list,

it appears to me, as if extended attributes wouldnt be handled the way,
i expect it.

This is the version used:
zfsutils-linux_0.6.5.8-2~bpo8+1_amd64.deb on jessie (debian 8) (standard
kernel 3.16)

Currently, i was intending to backup the debian OS (from ext4) into a
zfs FS, including its xattrs. But using
rsync -avHxXc --inplace --no-whole-file --delete $SOURCE/ $DEST
A simple lsattr afterwards shows, that the xattr dont get stored in zfs.
Fiddling with it a bit, i was able to create a loop mounted file in zfs,
format it with ext4 and then succeed with the rsync. Apparently rsync is
not the culprit, but the interface to zfs seems to be (?). Of course,
the FS in question has xattr set to on.

Can anyone reproduce this or hint me to my misunderstanding?

lsattr (in ext4)
-------------e-- ./proc
----------I--e-- ./etc
-------------e-- ./sbin

lsattr (in zfs)
---------------- ./proc
---------------- ./etc
---------------- ./sbin

thx, U.N.

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