[zfs-discuss] CHKSUM errors

Ryan How ryan at bitworks.com.au
Sat Feb 6 09:30:38 EST 2016

I'd only be worried if there is stuff on there you don't want to lose. 
But as you aren't running any redundancy (You mustn't really be worried 
about losing stuff on there) then I wouldn't worry about a few checksum 

Make sure you have decent backups.

It could be disk, controller, RAM, drivers, PSU, etc. So hard to tell.

If there is data loss it will tell you and list the errors.

On 6/02/2016 5:50 AM, Jonasz, Randall via zfs-discuss wrote:
> Hello,
> I have a Samsung 840 Pro SSD in a zfs pool.  Every time I scrub the 
> pool checksum errors are reported. Scrub repairs them and all is good 
> or is it? I have run sysmonctl - t long on the device and it passes 
> without errors. Should I be worried and replace the disk?
> Thanks,
> Randy
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