[zfs-discuss] ZPOOL double import and host ownership question

Veniamin Konoplev v.konoplev at cosmos.ru
Wed Feb 10 05:29:20 EST 2016

Hi all,

I recently encountered a strange problem.
I have a zpool on a shared disk jbod. It is connected to two servers.
The second server is created by cloning the first.

I preliminary deleted zpool.cache on the second server but nevertheless 
I able to import zpool twice simultaneously on two servers.

Hostid's on the servers are different.

I propose that some important server identification was migrated during 
the server cloning but can not find which one.

Can anybody help me: what is wrong? and how current host ownership is 
designed in ZPOOL?

Kind regards,
Veniamin Konoplev
Space Research Institute
Networking department

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