[zfs-discuss] Used space on individual vdevs

Dan Hentschel dan at hentschels.com
Fri Feb 12 09:20:41 EST 2016

My 17TB raidz3 was at about 85% utilization, so I decided to add another
vdev to the pool: an 11TB raidz3. Now the overall pool is at about 53%
utilization, but I know that the original vdev is still at about 85% and
the new one is close to 0%. I'm aware that a vdev should, ideally, be kept
below 80% utilization, for performance reasons.

Most of the content is video, and I am constantly re-transcoding several
video files per day. My assumption is that, as transcoding takes place, the
new files will be put primarily into the second vdev, and the old copies
will be removed from the original vdev, and over time the pool will
somewhat balance itself.

Does this assumption make sense? Is there some way that I can see the
utilization of the individual vdevs in the pool to track progress? It's not
important. I'm just curious.

 - danBhentschel
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