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On Thu, Feb 25, 2016 at 3:52 PM, thibaut noah <thibaut.noah at gmail.com>

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>> Can you elaborate exactly what you are trying to do? Share something from
>> the host running Samba to a Windows guest? This is exactly what I do on a
>> number of my systems. Which part are you having difficulties with?
> That's exactly what i am trying to dow, share my pool (i don't have a
> zvol, i created my pool and put all the datas in it directly) to the
> windows guest.
> The problem is that my network knowledge are limited, i tried first with a
> simple folder i created on my host and cannot get the share working despite
> following numerous tutorials/articles etc, i even posted on multiples
> boards and mailing list but no one seems to know.
> Funny thing here is that i can share files from my windows guest to the
> entire local network with just two clicks.
> Anyway, the share is enable on zfs, from what i understand it creates
> automatically the correct samba conf, so the problem should be the network
> settings in smb.conf.

I have never even tried getting that to work. I have a manually created

> I made a paste from as much config files as i could.
> As you can see below in the last paste, i created a samba user and can see
> my shares on my host.
> Here is my ifcfg-br0 file : http://fpaste.org/327387/61658041/
> ifcfg-eth0 : http://fpaste.org/327388/56165839/
> virbr0 : http://fpaste.org/327391/61659721/
> my if config : http://fpaste.org/327390/61659511/
> and Samba conf : http://fpaste.org/327392/61660111/
> I configured a smb user and i get this with proper command :
> http://fpaste.org/328477/14563272

Right, first things first:

1) Do you have firewall (firewalld/iptables) running on the host? Disable
2) Make sure your guest's network interface and your host's br0 interface
have IPs on the same subnet and that they can ping each other.
3) Make sure nmb and smb services are running (nmbd and smbd processes).
4) Create a samba user on the samba server (your host) using smbpasswd.
5) Finally, regarding smb.conf, I'll paste the relevant config later today
when I can get into my similarly configured server.
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