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Gregor, you probably meant metaslab_df_free_pct option.
The question is: how to determine if ZFS fill/fragmentation is harmfull for
my current workload?

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> Am 04.01.2016 um 15:22 schrieb Daniel Letai via zfs-discuss:
> IIRC it has mostly to do with fragmentation - when capacity is over 80%,
> usually there isn't enough space to allocate contiguous blocks, and files
> get highly fragmented, resulting in very degraded performance of the FS. Of
> course, 80% of 1GB disks, is not the same as 80% of 10TB disks - you might
> not witness fragmentation until 99% of a 10TB disk, depending on your usage
> pattern (file sizes, and how much growth/shrinkage different files
> experience simultaneously).
> There might be other factors, but I think this used to be the major issue.
> IIRC the fill grade at which ZFS switches to another allocation scheme is
> hardcoded (or maybe a parameter?).
> Gregor
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