[zfs-discuss] ARC settings on backup dataset.

David C. Miller millerdc at fusion.gat.com
Mon Jan 4 14:11:41 EST 2016

I just setup a new system that has two identical SAS2 JBOD's that I have ZOL using in two separate storage pools. One JBOD is the pool for a live single dataset which replicates to the second JBOD pool for a hot backup every hour. The server has 128GB of ram and I have set the zfs_arc_max to only use 64GB. Before I start putting real data on this systems I was wondering if ZFS will automatically put data from the backup dataset into the ARC? Since the backup dataset does not need to be in the ARC, would it be beneficial to set the primarycache property to none on the backup pool dataset? 

David Miller.

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