[zfs-discuss] ZFS on top of iSCSI on top of ZFS

Chris Siebenmann cks at cs.toronto.edu
Thu Jan 7 11:44:59 EST 2016

> Did you already tried out a setup like this?
> Are there any known problems when running ZFS on top of iSCSI on top
> of ZFS?

 I'm curious why you're running ZFS on the iSCSI backends, instead of
exporting the raw disks to the ZFS frontends. ZFS supports pools of
multiple mirrors.

(While our fileserver setup does not use ZFS on Linux or ZFS on our
iSCSI backends, we do have a quite similar setup; Linux iSCSI backends
exporting raw disks to OmniOS frontends that have ZFS pools of mirrored
disks; each side of a mirror comes from a different backend.)

	- cks

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