[zfs-discuss] Trying to install ZFS on CentOS 7.2-1511

Randy Syring randy.syring at level12.io
Fri Jan 8 14:01:55 EST 2016

On Ubuntu, not sure if it's the same on CentOS, the zfs build process is 
handled by dkms.  I just had to patch ZFS to get past a bug I ran into 
and it was relatively simple once I started following directions.  For 
Ubuntu, I used:


and the command I used where something like:

   709  dkms remove zfs/ --all
   711  cd /usr/src/
   713  cp -a zfs- zfs-
   717  dkms add zfs/
   719  dkms build zfs/  # default kernel
   720  dkms install zfs/  # default kernel
   722  dkms build zfs/ -k 3.13.0-57-generic
   723  dkms install zfs/ -k 3.13.0-57-generic

You could use similar commands to rebuild & reinstall the zfs modules 
and make sure they getinto the initramfs correctly.

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On 01/08/2016 01:50 PM, David C. Miller via zfs-discuss wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I'm trying to play with ZFS on Linux, with no success so far.  I
>> am using a new minimal installation of CentOS 7.2-1511 and performed
>> a "yum update".  I have also set SELinux to disabled and rebooted.
>> Per the instructions on the ZoL site, I ran the following commands
>> as root:
>> # yum install epel-release
>> # yum install http://archive.zfsonlinux.org/epel/zfs-release.el7.noarch.rpm
>> # yum install kernel-devel zfs
>> All of the above commands appeared to complete OK, but when I ran a
>> simple "zpool status" command, the following messages appears:
>> 	The ZFS modules are not loaded.
>> 	Try running '/sbin/modprobe zfs' as root to load them.
>> When I tried that command I get this message:
>> 	modprobe: FATAL: Module zfs not found.
>> uname -r says "3.10.0-327.4.4.el7.x86_64".
>> Does anyone have any ideas as to what's wrong?
>> Hmmm, just before I posted this, the followng occured to me: the latest version
>> of ZoL is and was released on October 13th, 2015.  The version of CentOS
>> I'm using is from November 2015, so after I send this I'll try the same recipe
>> on CentOS 7.1-1503.
>> Thanks for any ideas in the meantime,
>> --
>> Rich Teer, Publisher
>> Vinylphile Magazine
> Just a point of reference. About two weeks ago I built two CentOS 7.2 systems running 3.10.0-327.3.1.el7.x86_64 and ZFS just fine. I just update one of them to the latest kernel 3.10.0-327.4.4.el7 and all other updates and rebooted. It came up just fine.
> David Miller.
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