[zfs-discuss] Intel p3608

Grant Albitz Grant at schultztechnology.com
Mon Jan 18 10:37:40 EST 2016


I am currently running 3 pcie ssds in a zfs pool (raid 0 equivalent). I am considering switching to a nvme based 3 pciessd zfs pool instead. The device in question is the intel p3608. I understand that those devices contain 2 controllers so each device is basically setup as a raid0 within itself, but that is configurable. Intel recommends using mdadm with the imsm argument. Does utilizing the -imsm with mdadm utilize some communication method with the card that would put it at an advantage vs zfs? I enjoy the functionality of zfs but am curious what people think about this proposed setup. Since each device can be configured as a raid0 I have to make a decision between a 6 device zfs pool, or creating 3 mdadm raid 0 volumes (1 for each physical card) and then putting those 3 devices in a zfs pool. I really don't want to run zfs over mdadm if it isn't necessary though.

Does anyone have any experience with these cards and zfs, or any card that would utilize imsm from intel?
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