[zfs-discuss] MyNAS v1.3 Release Announcement

Alex Braunegg alex.braunegg at gmail.com
Wed Jan 20 18:58:44 EST 2016

Hi Dan,

The work around provided may have felt like going through some hoops,
however in defence - you were trying to do something that I was not
currently supporting (but was always planned).

This being said, I have published some updates now that once applied will
allow the following configuration:

- SPL Module settings
- ZFS Module settings
- ZPOOL settings
- ZFS Volume settings

To enable these, from the CLI issue to the command 'configure advanced
configuration enable' and this will enable the additional WebUI
configuration components above.

The ZFS module settings are based on their 'defaults' as per what is in the
tar.gz files from https://github.com/zfsonlinux/, however when comparing the
man page 'defaults' to the code defaults there are some discrepancies
between the two.

In terms of competing solutions, there are not too many out there that are
Linux ZFS based. The ones that are based around ZFS technologies, when I was
looking at them for ease of use and simplicity, the simplicity I was looking
for was not there - in part this is what led me to initially developing

Best regards,


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On 2015-12-06 13:54, Alex Braunegg wrote:
> Hi Dan,
> Thanks for the feedback and looking at MyNAS. Will send you something
> off-list to get you going.
> The reason behind currently not being able to 'tweak' the settings is 
> that I
> am trying to make it as simple as possible to get up and running. It is 
> on
> the roadmap to have an 'advanced settings' flag that you can enable 
> which
> will then expose additional items such as this for users who are more
> advanced.

Alex, got it thanks.  I like what I see so far, but honestly, there are 
enough competing solutions that don't make me jump through hoops like 
this.  If and when it gets a little more user-friendly, I'll be happy to 
take another look...

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