[zfs-discuss] Installing ZoL from source on Debian testing (stretch)

John Allen johnbenallen at gmail.com
Mon Jan 25 05:19:51 EST 2016

@Fajar, your advice is much appreciated.

Some small comments below.

> From ./configure --help
>   --with-config=CONFIG    Config file 'kernel|user|all|srpm'
> I had looked at the output from ./configure --help but this important
option had completely escaped me.

> My best advice is to read dkms man page (e.g.
>> http://linux.dell.com/dkms/manpage.html) and try it yourself. It's
>> possible that its erroneus, and nobody simply had the time to track down
>> the issue since the end result works correctly.
I had looked at the dkms manual page as well as a number of articles and
Q&A for dkms, but the information on dkms is not really clear and complete.
I will try some experiments and report back.

> The questions you should ask is:
> - do you manage more than one machine?
> - can you reliably and quickly reproduce the same output, when installing
> on different times, or on different machines?
> - can you reliably and quickly remove files belonging to old version of
> the software when you need to upgrade / uninstall it?
> Depending on the answers, it might not be unnecessary for you to use
> packages. For me, I'd use (and create, when necessary) packages whenever
> possible.

I see your point. I have 2 or at most 3 machines to look after, which is
why I can afford a rather artesanal approach. But I can see that reliable
deb packages could simplify matters. The spl/zfs installation is much more
complex and invasive than something like dovecot, so it is more difficult
to handle version transitions cleanly. I think I need to learn to love the
Debian packaging methodology, which has always seemed mysterious to me. It
also seems to me that some issues with, for example, dkms.conf, were still
present even in the official ZoL Debian packages.

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