[zfs-discuss] zfsutils-linux not compatible with zfs-dkms

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> Hi all,
> Were there major revisions to the zfsutils-linux package between
> and that make 4.2 utils incompatible with 5.4 -dkms on Ubuntu 15.10?
> In the process of apt-get dist-upgrade, zfs-dkms and zfs-doc were upgraded
> to, resulting in the uninstall of zfsutils-linux, which depends on
> zfs-doc= My raidz hasn't unmounted nor have file operations ground
> to a halt, but I'm a hypochondriac about using `zpool status` and would
> love to get it back ASAP. Any suggestions as to whether I'll cause myself
> more headache than it's worth by shoehorning utils in with zfs-dkms
> I now understand the impact of my mistake using dist-upgrade instead of
> upgrade, which I plan to not make again in the future...

Click on the arrow left of " zfs-linux -", then scroll down.
Is that what you're looking for?

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