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Tue May 3 02:58:50 EDT 2016

This will work beautifully, assuming you suffer no failures. Don't forget
to zpool labelclear the p1 drives after you remove them from p0. It is very
critical to warn you that any failure on p0 will result in data loss. Once
you destroy p0, any failure in p1 will result in data loss, until the
resync is complete. Be sure you back up any data you can't afford to lose
to a third location.
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> Am 03.05.2016 um 06:59 schrieb Badi' Abdul-Wahid via zfs-discuss:
> 4) send the data from p0 to p1
> # zfs snapshot p0 at now
> # zfs send p0 at now | zfs receive -F p1
> # diff /p{0,1}/data; echo $?
> 0
> You need -r on snapshot and -R on send, else you'll only transfer the base
> dataset of the pool and skip and descendents.
> Gregor
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