[zfs-discuss] cannot destroy dataset is busy

ML mail mlnospam at yahoo.com
Tue May 3 10:18:37 EDT 2016


I am running ZoL on Debian 8 and am using ZFS lvols for my Xen instances. Unfortunately I have the issue that upon a rename of my VPS disk and shutdown of the VPS I can not delete the zvol unless I reboot the server.

Here is an example:

sudo zfs destroy -f data/a4ec44a2-5f81-406e-8e82-cfa5d96d6998.disk0_data_replaced-1462283549
cannot destroy 'data/a4ec44a2-5f81-406e-8e82-cfa5d96d6998.disk0_data_replaced-1462283549': dataset is busy

There are no snapshots on that volume and I already tried zfs unmount, release, etc. Nothing works... 

Does anyone have an idea what else I can try or why it is still busy?


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