[zfs-discuss] About zvol performance drop

Daobang Wang wangdbang at 163.com
Thu May 12 21:06:17 EDT 2016


    In the first time, it should be ok, you need to run the command again and again, the performance will drop.

Best Regards,
Daobang Wang.

>     According to your suggestion, i set up a new system(8 X mirror) to 
> verify the performance, it's poor, is there any more suggestion? following 
> the results,

Have you actually  tested it also directly on the storage device not just 
the iscsi client?

I ran your fio test on a generic 24 (raidz2 3x8 vdev) sata pool (default 
settings 0.6.5-1 / half the ram / no tuning / no cache or log devices) and 
the throughput is way higher than  your reported numbers also didn't notice 
any slowdowns (obviously it doesn't actually do O_DIRECT).


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